Thank you for your support of our Time for Pay Before You Pump campaign! The Government of Alberta has now passed Bill 19: An Act to Protect Gas and Convenience Store Workers.

The evidence is overwhelming: pay-before-you-pump prevents gas-and-dash incidents and it saves lives. This is a rare example of a public policy that has been 100 percent effective. Since the introduction of Grant’s Law in BC in 2008 there hasn’t been a single fatality or injury in that province related to gas-and-dash robberies.

With the passing of Bill 19, the government is making changes that should have been dealt with in Alberta a decade ago. We know that this pre-payment model works. We know it saves lives. The Notley government has finally taken action that previous governments didn’t have the guts to address. Thank you for taking the time to support this important, life-saving initiative.

Bill 19 also includes a requirement that gas stations have so-called “violence prevention programs”. But experience has shown that these programs, by themselves, fail to properly protect gas and convenience store workers. With that in mind, in addition to pay-before-you-pump legislation, going forward the AFL will continue to work to encourage the  government to meaningfully address the very real dangers that arise when gas station and convenience store employees work alone over the nightshift.

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