Tell the Government that Albertans demand pay-before-you-pump legislation to stop more needless deaths.

Since Alberta’s NDP government ended their consultations on gas-and-dash deaths, following the death of Calgary gas station attendant Maryam Rashidi, there have been literally thousands of gas-and-dash robberies in the province. With yet another gas-and-dash death on October 6th – Thorsby’s Ki Yun Jo – the time for waiting is over. Alberta needs pay-before-you-pump legislation now.

The Alberta Association of Police Chiefs has passed resolutions in favour the policy, and Husky Oil – which experienced the murder of attendant Surinder Pal Singh, 61, in 2015 – has announced plans to introduce pay-before-you-pump at all of its stations in Alberta, with or without government policy.

Since pre-pay laws were introduced in BC following the death of Grant De Patie – a young gas station attendant who was killed trying to prevent a robbery in 2005 – we’ve seen a rare example of a public policy that has been 100 percent effective. There hasn’t been a single fatality or injury in BC related to gas-and-dash robberies since the legislation was introduced in 2008. In fact, by making it impossible for anyone to fill their tank before paying, the rule has essentially eliminated an entire category of crime.

We know that this pre-payment model works. We know it saves lives. Albertans are taking action, and so should our government.

The time for talk and consultation is over. It’s time for action. It’s time to stop the carnage by bringing pay-before-you-pump legislation to Alberta.